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About Traditional Art / Student Member Devon R. Abbey22/Male/United States Group :icondigital-ace-arcade: Digital-Ace-Arcade
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I'm mostly a sprite sheet maker. You may call me a guy making random stuff. :XD: I now draw stuff, but only if I want to.


Most of the art I find awesome or cute, or cool.
I didn't have time to talk about Sonic Advance 2. I was busy with Toontown again. I'm on the final task for the Brrrgh before I head to Donald's Dreamland.

I'll put up the new journal tomorrow.

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SonicDash57's Profile Picture
Devon R. Abbey
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Permission Stamp by KizzyKlaw

My pony OCs (Digital Ace, Sapphire Ocean, Blue Lagoon, Seaweed Mint, Whipped Cream, and Brave Flame) and my Sonic OCs (Danny, Clara, Chester, and Michael) belong to me!


Favorite genre of music: Video games
Operating System: Windows 8.1 (New PC), Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit (Old PC)
My zodiac sign: Cancer
Zodiac pony: Ponyscopes - Cancer by Cooltomorrowkid
Ponyscopes facebook app:…
My dA family!
I've been a brony since March 16, 2012. And I still am!
Favorite mythical creature: Mermaids
Secret dream:

Skype name: devon.abbey2
Xfire: devonola300 - Nickname: SonicDash57
Raptr: devonola300 - Nickname: SonicDash57
Steam name: SonicDash57
Xbox Live: SonicDash57
Nintendo 3DS Friend code: 2938-6019-1780 - Mii Name: SonicDash5

Real life The REAL SonicDash57 (New self pic) by SonicDash57
As a pony Devon Dashers (Me as a pony) by SonicDash57
The situation:
Go check out :iconsky-dragoon-twilight:Sky-Dragoon-Twilight's awesome series! sky-dragoon-twilight.deviantar…
Also, don't forget to check out her group right here: :iconhearts-in-harmony:
My HiH character: Arashi Sateriale (Remake image coming soon)

Sapphire Ocean
Sapphire Ocean by SonicDash57

Name: Sapphire Ocean
Species: Pegasus (Merpony)
Cutie mark: Seashell
Color: Light blue
Mane color: Light blue/Sky blue
Eye color: Green
Gender: Mare
Family: Aquamarine Shore (Mother), High Tide (Father)
Aquamarine Shore and High Tide by SonicDash57

Back story: Sapphire Ocean is a Pegasus merpony from an unknown city somewhere in the oceans of Equestria. Sapphire was interested on what life was on land, but her parents, Aquamarine Shore and High Tide, didn't allow her to go due to legends that had been warped over time about the dangers on land. However, Sapphire's curiosity was stronger than her fear, so she disobeyed her parents and went on land one night. When first on land, her tail became back hooves which she had trouble using at first. This would eventually cause her to meet Digital Ace who helped her thinking she had hurt her legs. Over time Ace's kind nature made her start to fall in love with him, but she feared what would happen if he knew her true form. One night, Sapphire decided to take a swim, but Ace saw her while running an errand to her shock. But Ace didn't care and actually thought it was cool that she was a mermare. Sapphire later returned home and while she had been in trouble, her story let the merpony race realize the ponies on land were not to be feared. Eventually after some time, Sapphire and Ace became a couple and became good friends with Whipped Cream.
Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon by SonicDash57

Name: Blue Lagoon
Species: Earth pony (Merpony)
Cutie mark: Coral
Color: Sky blue
Mane color: Blue
Eye color: Cyan
Gender: Mare

Back story: Coming soon, but is hinted to continue after the events of Sapphire Ocean's back story since she was unaware of Sapphire's story.
Seaweed Mint
Seaweed Mint by SonicDash57

Name: Seaweed Mint
Species: Earth pony
Cutie mark: Seaweed
Color: Light green
Mane color: Yellow/Orange
Eye color: Orange
Gender: Stallion (Doesn't have eyelashes)
Whipped Cream
Whipped Cream by SonicDash57

Name: Whipped Cream
Species: Pegasus
Cutie mark: Ice cream
Color: Light yellow
Mane color: Gold yellow/Orange
Eye color: Brown
Gender: Mare
Brave Flame
Brave Flame by SonicDash57

Name: Brave Flame
Species: Unicorn
Cutie mark: Shield with a flame
Color: White
Mane color: Silver
Eye color: Magenta
Gender: Stallion (Looks like a mare, but doesn't have eyelashes)
My Sonic OCs

Danny the Rabbit
Danny the Rabbit by SonicDash57

Clara the Rabbit
Clara the Rabbit by SonicDash57

Chester the Cat
Chester the Cat by SonicDash57

Michael the Fox
Michael the Fox by SonicDash57

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