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I'm mostly a sprite sheet maker. You may call me a guy making random stuff. :XD: I now draw stuff, but only if I want to.


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Most of the art I find awesome or cute, or cool.

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He's gone... My beloved Uncle Davy just passed away today...

He was one of my best beloved relatives I knew when I was a kid. And now he's​gone...

Rest in peace, Uncle Davy...

Guys, I'm probably gonna have to take a very long break from DA for a while just to get all this out of my mind. I need some time for myself. New drawings will be on hold until further notice.

That is all.
Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 Wow! I can't believe how well I did with my remade drawings of Danny, Clara and Chester! Those improvements were so good I redid my Natural Cream drawing! I think my long, long hiatus was all worth it! I know many of you were impatient to see remakes of my drawings, but I feel like my hiatus had greatly improved my drawing talents! What do you guys think? Do you think my drawing skills have improved throughout my long hiatus? You be the judge!
Natural Cream
Inspired by :icontoad900:Toad900 and other deviants who did their own work on Natural Cream.

Now before everyone starts screaming at me on why I did this, recall my previous journal here:
I already mentioned that the male mobians has absolutely nothing to hide whatsoever, which means this may apply to some of the female mobians with the exception of Rouge. There are absolutely no private parts whatsoever, so this does not break any of DA's rules. I guarantee you, this is completely SFW. No mature tag is necessary.

Anyway, now that we've gotten that out of the way, here's Cream without her clothes. And about her feet, if you ask why there are no toes, that's what bare mobian feet officially look like.

Oh, and if you ask why she doesn't have a circle on her chest like Sonic does, that's my guess on what her bare chest would look like.

Now that this is done and over with, I need to get started on redoing my drawing on Whipped Cream. If needed, I might do this again, but with her gloves and footwear. In the meantime, enjoy the drawing.

I felt the need to redo this drawing a 3rd time. Like the 1st attempt, I was unsatisfied with the previous results. Also, this time, I didn't bother to do the white circle on Cream's chest, so if anyone wants to add it, go ahead. I don't care anymore. If you still want to see the old version, here's the link: - This has the original sketch as well as the 2 digitized versions made exclusively for me by DanielMania123. But don't you worry. Despite me deleting the old version of the digital version, a new one will be available in the near future. Keep your eye out for it!

Cream the Rabbit belongs to :iconsegaplz:
Artwork by me
Devon (Normal) (Concerned) by SonicDash57 Hey. Me again. If you all remember my rant from last night, then I think we can all agree that most of us, including myself, aren't very impressed with Sega making Sonic the only playable character again in Sonic Forces. But there's a couple things I missed during my rant that I want to talk about at the moment. Fortunately, this won't take too long as there are only 2 things I neglected to mention in my rant. So without further ado, let's go over them real quick. Here we go.

1: Lack of new gameplay ideas for Sonic's friends

Devon (Normal) (Concerned) by SonicDash57 During my conversation with my friend WishfulFun, he mentioned that the main reason why Sonic is the only playable character again is that Sega probably didn't have any new gameplay ideas for Sonic's friends. If you remember back in the previous games in the series, then each of Sonic's friends can do different things. But I won't waste time with going over any examples. You guys probably know this stuff already at this point. I have to admit that it would have helped Sega if anyone told them any good gameplay ideas for Sonic's friends. But as you already know, that never happened, which is why they're NPCs once again like last time. However, if you had any gameplay ideas that would have been awesome to see, you can go ahead and tell me. Thanks, Wishful, for getting me back on track.

2: New character gameplay

Devon (Normal) (Concerned) by SonicDash57 Now to be honest, I was expecting someone to point this out at a later time since I forgot to mention this part of Sonic Forces that's coming soon. I am aware that there will be gameplay on a new character, but this leaves me with 3 questions: Who is this new character? What will its gameplay be like? When will it be revealed? All these questions will probably be answered in another reveal in the near future, I suppose. I mean in the first trailer before the name was revealed, we have Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic. At first, this had us thinking if this game was gonna be a sequel to Sonic Generations. Of course, as we already know, they confirmed that it's NOT a sequel to Generations. Until we gather more info on this mystery character, we'll just have to use our imaginations. And to be honest, even though Sonic's friends are not playable again, I'm still looking forward to this new character coming soon.


Devon (Normal) (Concerned) by SonicDash57 And there ya go. That's all I have to mention. If you have any more things that you'd like to talk about or if you think I'm still missing something, you may feel free to comment. That's it for now.
Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 That's three drawings remade so far. Yep. Got Chester redrawn.

Chester (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 Awesome! So that's how many drawings you've got left to remake?

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 Now normally I'd say 5, but I haven't posted that new drawing of Sea Star yet, so I'm gonna have to say 6.

Chester (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 Still doing your best to get the results you want, eh?

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 Yeah. But I'm getting close. I'll post another status update later.


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Devon R. Abbey
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States

Gender: Male

Favorite genre of music: Video games
Operating System: Windows 10 (On a computer that was previously preloaded with Windows 8)
My zodiac sign: Cancer
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I've been a brony since March 16, 2012. And I still am!
Favorite mythical creature: Mermaids

My birthday badge
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Retro Forge <--- ( CO-OWNED BY ME AND TheN1K0L4Z )

Danny the Rabbit
Clara the Rabbit
Chester the Cat
Michael the Fox
Andrew the Wombat <--- (Formerly owned by 998TheNewOrchestra, ownership passed over to me)

If you want to use any of my OCs, you must ask for permission. If a certain OC is co-owned, you must ask for permission from both me and another deviant.
Skype name: devon.abbey2
Raptr: devonola300 - Nickname: SonicDash57 (INACTIVE)
Steam name: SonicDash57
Xbox Live: SonicDash57
Nintendo 3DS Friend code: 2938-6019-1780 - Mii name: SonicDash5
Nintendo Network ID: SonicDash57
PlayStation Network: SonicDash57

Let me know if you're going to use them. Also, if you're planning to edit them, that's fine, as long as you credit me. I worked so hard on some of these backgrounds


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