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I'm mostly a sprite sheet maker. You may call me a guy making random stuff. :XD: I now draw stuff, but only if I want to.


I'll always be here to protect dragons like you by Porygon2z I'll always be here to protect dragons like you :iconporygon2z:Porygon2z 124 14 Descending Kiss by MermaidNerin Descending Kiss :iconmermaidnerin:MermaidNerin 20 7 Vector #717 - 4th Wall Compromised by DashieSparkle Vector #717 - 4th Wall Compromised :icondashiesparkle:DashieSparkle 40 7 Family Memory - The Perfect Pear by RavenEvert Family Memory - The Perfect Pear :iconravenevert:RavenEvert 143 8 Cream The Rabbit older by TrashyInnocence Cream The Rabbit older :icontrashyinnocence:TrashyInnocence 14 3 Classic Tails from the Sonic Mania Poster by JaysonJean Classic Tails from the Sonic Mania Poster :iconjaysonjean:JaysonJean 72 8 Cream the rabbit by ElodieTheFox051400 Cream the rabbit :iconelodiethefox051400:ElodieTheFox051400 11 17 Cream the rabbit by ElodieTheFox051400 Cream the rabbit :iconelodiethefox051400:ElodieTheFox051400 14 1 Cream the Rabbit by ElodieTheFox051400 Cream the Rabbit :iconelodiethefox051400:ElodieTheFox051400 28 3 MLP FIM - Applejack's Mom Pear Butter by Joakaha MLP FIM - Applejack's Mom Pear Butter :iconjoakaha:Joakaha 392 66 We are one~ by Asika-Aida We are one~ :iconasika-aida:Asika-Aida 245 97 A Pear of Apples by EmeraldBlast63 A Pear of Apples :iconemeraldblast63:EmeraldBlast63 158 14 Always Frozen, Never Fresh GIF by Penguin-Potential Always Frozen, Never Fresh GIF :iconpenguin-potential:Penguin-Potential 10 0 Giga Mermaid by GP927 Giga Mermaid :icongp927:GP927 90 14 Soaring through the sky by Zack113 Soaring through the sky :iconzack113:Zack113 64 3 Glow by RaHmADiTa2219 Glow :iconrahmadita2219:RaHmADiTa2219 18 1
Most of the art I find awesome or cute, or cool.

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(OOC note: For those of you who were so eager to participate in this RP, I'm sorry, but I'm afraid you're too late. I'm ending the event now.)

Devon waves goodbye to Shadow, Rouge, Blaze, and Silver as they leave

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 Thanks for coming!

Cream icon by SonicDash57 *She waves goodbye to her mom and Gemerl as they leave* Come back soon!

Sonic icon by SonicDash57 That was the most coolest birthday ever! Thanks, guys!

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 Hey, no problem.

Digital Ace and the other ponies return

Digital Ace icon (Happy emotion) by SonicDash57 Hey hey! We're back!

Sapphire Ocean icon by SonicDash57 Did we miss anything?

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 Hey, you missed it all! It was Sonic's 26th birthday yesterday! Where were you?

Digital Ace icon (Happy emotion) by SonicDash57 Aw man! Sorry we couldn't be here, Devon. We had to run a lot of errands for the Mane 6 and the princesses.

Sapphire Ocean icon by SonicDash57 We even had to take Diamond with us throughout the whole trip.

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 I see.

Digital Ace icon (Happy emotion) by SonicDash57 Who was with you throughout the whole party?

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 Everyone! I even invited Shadow, Rouge, Blaze, and Silver.

Digital Ace icon (Concerned emotion) by SonicDash57 Wait. Shadow and Rouge were invited? I thought--

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 I'm aware there are fans of them, so did it look like I had any other choice?

Digital Ace icon (Happy emotion) by SonicDash57 *Chuckles* I guess not.

Sapphire Ocean icon by SonicDash57 Cream really missed Blaze so much, did she?

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 You bet she did.

Digital Ace icon (Happy emotion) by SonicDash57 I'm glad you all had a good time. Oh, by the way, happy late 26th birthday, Sonic.

Sapphire Ocean icon by SonicDash57 Yeah. We all hope you had a good birthday.

Sonic icon by SonicDash57 Thanks, everyone.

Digital Ace icon (Happy emotion) by SonicDash57 Well, we better go unpack our stuff and get some rest. *Yawns* We're so tired!

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 Alright. Take it easy.


(OOC note: Another special random RP to celebrate Sonic's 26th's b-day. Let's go!)

Everyone: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SONIC! *Cheers*

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 26 years, Sonic! And you're still going strong!

Danny (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 Yeah! You must be very proud of yourself!

Clara (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 You're one cool hedgehog! You know that?

Chester (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 Yeah, Sonic!

Michael (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 They're right, you know!

Andrew (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 Nothing's stopping ya, Sonic! Still running for 26 years!

Amy icon by SonicDash57 Yeah! Keeping the world safe from Dr. Eggman and all that, you never quit!

Sonic icon by SonicDash57 Thanks, everyone! And Devon, I'm surprised you were able to invite everyone here! Even Shadow, Rouge, Blaze, and Silver.

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 Hey, someone had to do it.

Shadow icon by SonicDash57 Devon, you do know that--

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 I know. This really isn't your thing, but it IS Sonic's big day after all. Maybe I can host a race between you and Sonic later on.

The doorbell is heard

Cream icon by SonicDash57 Oh! That's gotta be my mommy!

Knuckles icon by SonicDash57 *Chuckles* I suppose your mother didn't want to miss out on Sonic's birthday today.

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 Oh Knuckles...

Cream answers the door, Vanilla and Gemerl are there

Vanilla icon by SonicDash57 Hi, sweetie.

Gemerl icon by SonicDash57 Hello, Cream.

Cream icon by SonicDash57 Hi, mommy!

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 Hey there. You're just in time!

Knuckles icon by SonicDash57 Oh, Devon? Please tell me why Rouge is here.

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 Knuckles, I understand you two are rivals, but now's not the time. It's Sonic's big day. Might as well just try to get along until the party's over.

Rouge icon by SonicDash57 Devon's right. We don't want our favorite hedgehog looking bad, now do we?

Knuckles icon by SonicDash57 Fine...

The doorbell rings again

Vanilla icon by SonicDash57 Devon, how many of our friends did you invite?

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 To be honest, Vanilla, I lost count while I was sending the invites.

Devon answers the door, Blaze and Silver are there

Blaze icon by SonicDash57 Greetings, Devon.

Silver icon by SonicDash57 Hey Devon.

Cream icon by SonicDash57 BLAZE! You're back!!! *She excitedly runs over to Blaze and hugs her*

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 *Chuckles* I can tell you really missed her. Sonic told me that you taught her what it means to have friends when you two first met. He even told me that you helped her recover the Sol Emeralds.

Cream icon by SonicDash57 It wasn't easy, Mr. Devon. She was very serious on getting them back.

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 But you all changed her mind on that when she and Sonic teamed up to stop both Eggman and Eggman Nega.

Cream icon by SonicDash57 We sure did.

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 And I can understand that the Chaos and Sol Emeralds are not allowed to exist in the same dimension. That would cause too much trouble.

Cream icon by SonicDash57 Mm-hmm.

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 Anyway... It's so good to see you, Blaze.

Blaze icon by SonicDash57 It's an honor to see you as well, Devon.

Cream icon by SonicDash57 I really missed you, Blaze!

Blaze icon by SonicDash57 I missed you too, Cream.

Vector icon by SonicDash57 Now that everyone's here, let's get this party started!

Charmy icon by SonicDash57 Yeah!

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 Vector, you know a lot about music! Take it away!

Vector starts playing music from the radio, everyone starts talking to each other and eats some cake

Rouge icon by SonicDash57 Devon, it's really nice of you to invite me into this party., even though you're not a big fan of me.

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 Well hey, I didn't want a treasure hunter like yourself missing out! I'm sure there's a lot of people who are fans of you.

Rouge icon by SonicDash57 Hmm.

Charmy bumps into Devon

Charmy icon by SonicDash57 Oh! Sorry!

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 That's alright, Charmy!

Tails icon by SonicDash57 Hey Sonic!

Sonic icon by SonicDash57 Yeah, Tails?

Tails icon by SonicDash57 I've been to a restaurant named after you and got you a chili dog! *Gives it to him*

Sonic icon by SonicDash57 Really? There's a restaurant named after me?

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 Are you surprised? Even though that's a drive in restaurant, we still like to think it's named after you.

Sonic icon by SonicDash57 *Laughs* I didn't know that!

Cream icon by SonicDash57 *Giggles after hearing Sonic laugh* Mr. Devon told me at how you laughed at the idea of calling Dr. Eggman "Baldy McNosehair"! He showed me that cutscene on Sonic Colors and I thought your laugh was so cute!

Sonic icon by SonicDash57 Aw, Cream!

Vanilla icon by SonicDash57 Oh, sweetie? Gemerl told me that you were kidnapped by a big monster during Sonic's 20th birthday.

Cream icon by SonicDash57 About that, mommy... I was frozen in time and I saw nothing but darkness!

Devon (Normal) (Concerned) by SonicDash57 The reason for that was the said monster, called the Time Eater, had the ability to take things out of our timeline, strip them of their color and life and send them to white limbo. Believe me. It's a total nightmare. *Hugs Cream in comfort* If I was caught in the same act as she was, I'd be DEATHLY afraid of the dark.

Vanilla icon by SonicDash57 Oh dear. At least Sonic was able to save her. I would have been really worried about her.

Devon (Normal) (Concerned) by SonicDash57 I had the same feeling too. No one deserves that.

Tails icon by SonicDash57 And about the Time Eater... when we got to the Center of Time, we found out that the Time Eater was actually controlled by Dr. Eggman. He and his past self.

Devon (Normal) (Irritated) by SonicDash57 Before they both met, after Eggman's previous defeat just as Sonic destroyed his interstellar amusement park, which turned out to be a giant mind control weapon, he discovered the Time Eater and its ability to erase time and space, Eggman had the idea to use it to undo his previous defeats. But in order to do so, he needed the aid of his past self in order to perfect it.

Vanilla icon by SonicDash57 Oh my...

Devon (Normal) (Irritated) by SonicDash57 And just as he found Sonic, he created time holes to capture his friends one by one, sending them to different places in time and stripping them of their color and life! It was a plan to bait him into his traps!

Tails icon by SonicDash57 Lucky for us, that plan failed.

Devon (Normal) (Irritated) by SonicDash57 While they were in white limbo, Sonic met up with his classic self and they teamed up to fix the mess Eggman made with that monster. However, they needed the power of the Chaos Emeralds in order to do so. It was also the only way to get into the Center of Time. After restoring everybody one by one, they went into the Center of Time and harnessing the emeralds' power, they went into their super forms and they were able to defeat both Eggmen and destroy the Time Eater once and for all.

Blaze icon by SonicDash57 If they weren't able to destroy the monster, the world would have been destroyed.

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 Blaze is right. They were lucky both Sonics managed to fix the timeline and prevent the end of the world.

Vanilla icon by SonicDash57 Well, that's good, cause you know Eggman's always coming up with ways to get Sonic out of the picture.

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 Trust me, Vanilla. No matter how many times he tries to bait him into his traps, no matter how many times he tries to take him out, Sonic will always come out on top, one way or another.

Sonic icon by SonicDash57 *Pats Devon's shoulder* That's the spirit!

Cream icon by SonicDash57 *Offers a piece of cake for Blaze* Here, Blaze! Try some! It's chocolate flavored!

Blaze icon by SonicDash57 Hmm. *She eats the cake piece*

Cream icon by SonicDash57 What do you think?

Blaze icon by SonicDash57 I have to admit, this is very good.

Cream icon by SonicDash57 I'm glad you like it!

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 Sonic, you've got such great friends here. *Eats a cake piece* I wonder what your next adventure will take you next!

Sonic icon by SonicDash57 Who knows? *Eats his cake piece* And it's cool you managed to make my cake look like my own head!

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 Well, it IS your birthday after all, isn't it?

Sonic icon by SonicDash57 *Laughs* Yeah!

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 Hmm.


(OOC note: If any of you were expecting my pony OCs to be in this RP, sorry I didn't put them in. They will be in any of my comments by the way. If you wish to celebrate this occasion and participate in this RP, you can choose any of your own OCs, but here's how it will go: Your OC will be passing by my house and you see some lights flashing and hear some music playing. You walk up to the door and ring the doorbell, and I will answer it. The journal will stay up, but the event will end tomorrow. Once the event does end, I'll make a conclusion to this RP.)
Mermaid Cream (Teen)
Remember my previous Mermaid Cream drawing? Well, I decided to do it again, only this time, age her up to a teen.
I've seen other deviants draw Cream as a teen and I thought I could go ahead do the same as well.

Also, I apologize for the obviously visible erased areas. I still suck at drawing hands.

And before anyone starts saying to me that I might be running out of ideas and wanting me to try something new, it's just that new ideas still hasn't gotten into my mind yet. You have to understand that I can only focus on one idea at a time. If I have the need to switch ideas, then I have to put the current idea on hold and start working on the new one.

The main reason why I keep drawing these is because I need to get the results as best as I can before I can attempt any more complex ideas. Too many failures means a lot of sketch paper wasted, and I don't want to keep wasting money on new paper. And you have to understand this, even though I make mistakes while sketching, I don't just simply give up. I keep on trying until I improve. And to me, that's what being an artist is all about.

Anyway, now that I got all that out of the way, I hope you like the drawing!

I did this again but drew her in a different pose. I'm surprised that I got very nice results in only 2 attempts. I hope you like it!

Cream the Rabbit belongs to :iconsegalogoplz:
Artwork by me
(OOC note: I might consider starting a series of shorter RPs just for fun, mainly showing myself on certain situations and stuff. Let me know what you think of the idea and I'll consider it.

Devon (Normal) (Happy) by SonicDash57 I can't wait to play this awesome game! I especially like the remade classic levels!

Narrator: Three weeks later...

Devon (Normal) (Concerned) by SonicDash57 Man, what's taking so long? I've been playing one of my games for days just waiting for Sonic Mania.

Narrator: Many months later...

Devon (Normal) (Concerned) by SonicDash57 *Yawns* Man, I can understand that they need all the time to complete the game, but damn. The wait is freaking killing me.

New narrator: So much later that the old narrator got tired of waiting and they had to hire a new one...

Devon (Normal) (Concerned) by SonicDash57 *Yawns loudly* So bored... So tired...

Devon shuts off his game and goes to bed

Natural Cream
Inspired by :icontoad900:Toad900 and other deviants who did their own work on Natural Cream.

Now before everyone starts screaming at me on why I did this, recall my previous journal here:
I already mentioned that the male mobians has absolutely nothing to hide whatsoever, which means this may apply to some of the female mobians with the exception of Rouge. There are absolutely no private parts whatsoever, so this does not break any of DA's rules. I guarantee you, this is completely SFW. No mature tag is necessary.

Anyway, now that we've gotten that out of the way, here's Cream without her clothes. And about her feet, if you ask why there are no toes, that's what bare mobian feet officially look like.

Oh, and if you ask why she doesn't have a circle on her chest like Sonic does, that's my guess on what her bare chest would look like.

Now that this is done and over with, I need to get started on redoing my drawing on Whipped Cream. If needed, I might do this again, but with her gloves and footwear. In the meantime, enjoy the drawing.

FINALLY! After so many failures, after so much paper wasted, after so many attempts, I finally got the new results I needed! It's about freaking time I got this done! Man, you guys have no idea how much this was tiring to me! You don't know what so many days of drawing this will do to you! I never ever want to try to work on this ever again! Anyway, I hope you like it!

Cream the Rabbit belongs to :iconsegalogoplz:
Artwork by me


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If you want to use any of my OCs, you must ask for permission. If a certain OC is co-owned, you must ask for permission from both me and another deviant.
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Let me know if you're going to use them. Also, if you're planning to edit them, that's fine, as long as you credit me. I worked so hard on some of these backgrounds

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